Cxfree, free Caribbean exam past papers

December 17, 2017

Cxfree is a site that hosts Caribbean examinations past papers (CAPE and CSEC) essential for students.

I recently had the most unfortune experience of trying to get previous examination material for my younger brother. Now being "smarter" older brother, I did the logical thing and googled "Free CXC, CAPE past paper", clicked on the first link that seemed reliable. The website in this instance (which remain unamed) provided so many obstacles of actually obtaining what I wanted (think, dialogs, popups, hidden ui). At any rate I had to go through the grooling process of signing up almost 3 times because of a registration error!!

OK..OK...can I just please get what I came for?

Nope, more obstacles, I had ONCE more verify my account after registration, should this really be this hard? Really? For just some past examination papers that should be available publicly?

OK, fine, I verified my account again, let's get those exam papers before I lose my sanity. Navigated to the past paper section, found the relavant area of study and HERE WE GO AGAIN.

The link takes you to the same. page. that. you're. currently. on. No download, no file, nothing, just an endless loop of trying to click download.

Now I know what you're saying "Jordan, surely that's just a bad website, try somewhere else" and I did! 4 other websites and roughly the same process!! What an absurd system, is this what students face currently? There has to be a better way.

This was the motivation for cxfree, a simple, no sign up, one click download website. I have really high hopes for this and I think alot of kids will find it as useful as my brother does.